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SchoolTime Product Updates
Launching Fundraiser for Schools & Non-Profits
Integrated Fundraising platform. Collect donations online! The only platform that does not interfere between the Institutions who are fundraising and the donors. The Institutions set up their own payment gateway and collect the donations directly into their bank accounts. Start a Campaign now.

fundraiser1.png 801.63 KB
User Login with Registered Mobile Number
Now your users like Teachers, Parents, Students, Accountants who do not have an email id, can also login to their respective portals using the registered Mobile Numbers! We came out with this alternative login mechanism since many of our customers did not have a valid email for their end users.

Already existing feature of automatically sending SMS notification to end user upon activation already exists, so you need not even worry on how to communicate the login credentials to your users. 

mobile.png 44.67 KB
Collect Fees Online with EBS
India's most preferred and trusted online payment processor EBS is now integrated with SchoolTime. Schools can now start collecting fees online via EBS. Signup for EBS today.

ebs.png 549.92 KB
CCE Auto-setup: Single Click setup for CBSE Schools
Schools following CBSE Curriculum can now rejoice. With a single click of a button, you can now complete the entire setup of SchoolTime exactly as prescribed by CCE! 3 Seconds to even implement your education ERP software and go live! 

ccebuttton.png 3.39 KB
Pepipost - New Email Delivery Server
Send Emails At The Most Disruptive Pricing Ever. Pay only for emails that are not opened by your customers. The rest is on Pepipost. Forever. 25,000 transactional emails free every month. 

Improve your email delivery rate to your students, parents and teachers Inbox from SchoolTime. Activate Pepipost from your SchoolTime Login -> Communication -> Settings.

pepipost.png 51.17 KB

Gradebook for IB Curriculum
Launching the beautiful and informative Gradebook for IB Schools. Get to see the performance of the entire school student wise, or click a student to look into their grades individually. Signup for an Early access to IB Planning, Reporting and Assessment.

Gradebook2.png 68.18 KB
TextLocal- New Bulk SMS Gateway Integrated
TextLocal helps over 165,000 businesses with their SMS-based marketing campaigns, customer service alerts, and updates. Learn how to activate TextLocal in SchoolTime. 

textlocal.png 90.97 KB
MessageBird - New Bulk SMS Gateway Integrated
MessageBird is one of the most promising Bulk SMS provider in Europe Operating out of  London, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Miami and trades in 20 different currencies. Now Integrated with SchoolTime, to enable Schools send SMS notifications. Learn how to activate MessageBird in SchoolTime.

messagebird.png 71.31 KB

RouteMobile - New Bulk SMS Gateway Integration
RouteMobile's Bulk SMS Gateway is now integrated with SchoolTime. Signup with RouteMobile and purchase your SMS credits. Learn how to activate RouteMobile SMS gateway inside SchoolTime.

routesms.png 186.06 KB
Launching Walker Plan- $19/Month Unlimited Students
World Students' Day Celebrations more meaningful with the most affordable plan by the world's #1 Student Information System. Now just pay $19 per month for an unlimited number of students and start with the basic Walker Plan. Every School can now afford the best automation.  *Plan not available in Iraq

New-Price Plan.png 55.22 KB
Plivo International SMS Gateway Integrated
Plivo is one of the world's largest global bulk SMS service provider. Now get the benefit of purchasing affordable bulk SMS credits and send all your notifications from SchoolTime. Know more.

plivo.png 107.31 KB
LabsMobile - New SMS Gateway Integration for Europe and South America
Good news for SchoolTime European and South American Customers. Ready integration with LabsMobile is now available. Just paste your activation key from LabsMobile into SchoolTime and start sending SMS notifications to students and parents. More info.

labsmobile.png 333.63 KB
Most Innovative Rich Text Editor for CAS, EE & ToK
The simplest Rich Text Editor with creativity, collaboration and productivity in mind. This is the evolution of the word processing software after 30 years, and the world cannot roll back anymore. The best thing STEditor does is reduce the friction in collaboration by allowing Advisors to annotate or comment inline to the text where the student has written her paper. For creativity, it automatically embeds any url link including videos and images so that the student does not have to move multiple tabs and locations to upload video files and lose the context of their essay. 

ST-Editor2.gif 439.59 KB
New SMS Gateway Integrated - Cosmic SMS
Good news for UK based Schools. Activate your Cosmic SMS service from SchoolTime. More info

cosmic.png 308.61 KB
International Baccalaureate Curriculum Pack
Great News for IB Schools. Soon to Release IB Curriculum Pack for SchoolTime. Apply for Early Access Now.

IB Curriculum.jpg 179.19 KB
SMS with Spryng
European Institutions can now send SMS from SchoolTime using Spryng. New SMS gateway integration is live. Learn more about Spryng SMS Gateway

spryng.png 76.46 KB
Inventory Management
Launched Add on Module for Inventory Management. Check current stock position, Issue products to students, Get detailed inventory analysis reports.  Learn more.

inventory3.png 22.44 KB
Easily Create Student Wise Fee
We noticed that in special circumstances you may need to create an Invoice for students of a class, except a few. So we just put our minds on how you could do it with minimum inconvenience. Check out the new Tab in Invoice Module - "Student Wise Fee" - where you can select all students of a particular class in one click, and then just unselect a few chosen one to create an Invoice/ Fee Request. Isn't that cool?

student-wise-fee.png 47.33 KB
LetsIntern Job Feed
Let your students apply for Internships and Fresher Jobs using integrated LetsIntern Job Feed. College admin needs to activate the integration from the Integration -> Careers Menu. Just click on the options to activate the feed, and voila, Students will be able to check out all available jobs from their login. 

careers.png 44.73 KB
Online Examination System
A very robust and beautiful Online Examination System is now at your disposal. Navigate to the Exam module and check the new Menu - "Online Exam". Your school can now conduct online examinations and quiz, create, store and manage a question bank, and let students take the online quiz and get instant results. 

online exam.png 35.52 KB
User Login Credentials via SMS
Apart from existing email notifications,  you can now automatically send login credentials to users - Parents, Teachers, Students, Accountants - via SMS. 

IMPORTANT: Ensure that you have Switched on the User Activation SMS Notification and you have successfully activated your choice of SMS gateway from the Communication Module. 

login-sms.png 28.11 KB
Part Payment Acceptance - Invoice
Your much awaited part payment acceptance of Invoice raised is now available. As an admin, you can update the Invoice status with partial payments received, and the invoice will automatically accept the paid amount, and show the balance as outstanding. This feature is also available for online fee payments. 

part payment.png 14.45 KB
Andoid App Upgrade
Introducing the most beautiful and functional upgrade Android App of SchoolTime. Now Teachers, Parents, Students can all stay connected with your school with this useful app. Download now.

ANDROID FEATURE 1024X500.png 719.26 KB
More Flexibility in TimeTable
Now you can add multiple teachers as well as multiple subjects for same period slots. Plus you can create a schedule for one day, and click a single button to replicate it to other days.  Saves you lots of time.

time-table.png 27.86 KB
Photo Gallery: Picasa and Flickr Integrated
New Release: Photo Gallery.
Create beautiful photo gallery by automatically displaying connected Picasa and Flickr. Admin login can activate Picasa/Flickr from the Integration module. All other users can now see the Gallery from a new Menu option named - Gallery. 

Gallery.png 600 KB
Auto SMS Notification for Absent students
Now you can choose to automatically notify the parents of those students who are marked absent during attendance. Note: You can also activate/deactivate this feature from the Notification Panel.

Ensure that your SMS gateway is active with your chosen service provider. 

attendance-SMS.png 70.2 KB
UI Enhancements: Non Refresh Webpages
Did you check the latest update from SchoolTime? Now when you move from one module to another, the entire webpage does not reload. Isn't it cool. We implemented the latest in web technologies. If you find some issues, please raise a ticket. Don't worry, this is not a database upgrade. :-)
ISBN integration with Library Management Software
SchoolTime's Library module now comes integrated with ISBN automation. Just type the ISBN number and the system automatically populates all the book related information. 

ISBN.png 27.6 KB
Enhanced Library Management System
Most detailed, yet with simple workflow automation to manage the Library process. Admins can now create their Book stocks, while Students and Teachers and Request Books online from their respective Logins. The module will manage and track book issue, return and availability automatically. 

Library.png 48.09 KB
More ways to plan your TimeTable/ Class Schedules
It cannot get more flexible than this. SchoolTime can now plan Weekly Class Schedules, Monthly Class Schedules and Yearly Class Schedules. No more Scheduling challenges. Read More.

TimeTable-Weekly.png 36.94 KB
User Chat
Get to chat with all registered users within your SchoolTime, help students, parents, teachers get immediate response to their queries. Unified Communication and Collaboration indeed. Read More.

chat3.png 91.11 KB
New SMS Gateway Integration for Bangladesh
Another addition to the list, especially for our Bangladesh customers. Bulk SMS provider OnnoRokom now integrated with SchoolTime. Send SMS to your students, parents and teachers from SchoolTime.

2016-06-07_19-32-31.png 17.53 KB
New Email Delivery Server Integration- Sparkpost
New addition to the list of professional email delivery servers. Sparkpost offers 100K email free every month, with assured improvement in your email delivery rate. Get more emails in the Inbox of your recipients. Activate Sparkpost email server today. Help File. 

2016-06-07_19-36-56.png 41.14 KB
Delete Student option is now available.
Admins can now delete students whose records are not required to be maintained. So no need to pay for them either.
Check this screen shot on how the Action button now provides a new option of "Delete" when the student is selected. 
Public Demand.

student delete.png 37.19 KB
Push Assignments to Google Classroom
Teachers can now push created assignments to the Google Classroom with a single Click. Available on in the Teacher Login of SchoolTime. Signup for Google Classroom here.

classroom.png 13.18 KB
Improved QuickHelper
The new QuickHelper makes it even more easy for you to complete the first basic set up configuration. Once you have completed these, your application is ready and even more easier to comprehend. 

Pasted image at 2016_05_27 06_40 PM.png 80.76 KB
Enhanced Security with OTP
You can now choose to increase the Security Setting of your SchoolTime by activating the enhanced security option form the Top Right Corner button. This will automatically trigger an OTP email to the registered user if it detects any threat of force entry into your application. More Details..

2016-05-25_18-54-42.png 52.78 KB
Email Notification Settings & User Activity Audit
You can now set up your systems default notification settings by choosing which notifications to send automatically and which not to. Notice the new Gear icon at the Top Right most corner. Apart from that, here you will also see a detailed user activity tracking report for your audit purposes. Happy?

notification settings.png 48.14 KB
Rich HTML Template Editor for Email
Wow! No less than any professional email service provider, you can now easily modify rich email templates to create your own branded content. 

template.png 21.41 KB
Email Tracking
Now get to see how many have read your emails, How many are unread, and how many emails delivered right inside the sent folder of Communications. Isn't that cool?

analytics 2.png 19.87 KB
Google Calendar Integration for Auto Events
SchoolTime will now automatically extract your local event and holiday calendar from google API so that you do not need to create the list all by yourself. Also get to see the Birthdays in a calendar format. 

calendar.png 26.26 KB
Social Sharing of Communications
Continuing our endeavour to create the true Unified Communication Portal, we now provide you the option to even share your sent Notices- Holidays communications via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr. Increase the reach of your communications by broadcasting your messages to these social networks. 

2016-04-18_19-50-34.png 31.13 KB
IMAP Integration for Communication Hub
You can now start receiving your emails into the SchoolTime portal by activating your IMAP settings. Ready support for Gmail, Yahoo and Yandex. If your school has its own custom domain, activate it as well using "Add New".

2016-04-13_13-17-51.png 52.84 KB
SchoolTime Ver 2 Release
Complete overhaul to improve Usability, Design and Appearance, Navigation, Functionality improvements with one end objective- Make it easier for the end user and reduce the learning curve. Enhanced focus on Data Analytics now provides you with new ways of looking into your data and take informed decisions about your institution. 

2016-04-13_12-00-04.png 64.72 KB
Following updates and bug fixes are accomplished in this version release:

New Feature
Multi-parent, guardian feature Added
2016-01-26 09-54-30 Student Information - Class : | Online School software, school ERP |Demo School.png 46.66 KB

Invoice Page Updates
Accountant Login Updates
Teacher Login Updates
Noticeboard Page changes
Following updates and bug fixes are accomplished in this version release:

2016-01-26 09-57-12 Exam Calender | Online School software, school ERP |Demo School.png 44.09 KB

New Feature
Examination Menu Added
Housing Feature Added
Grading Type  Added
Examination Setting  Added
Exam Formulator  Added
Exam Calendar Added

UI Changes in most of the screens
Attendance Report Updated
Attendance Page changed to work with Ajax
Board merged with classes and sections
Following updates and bug fixes are accomplished in this version release:

2016-01-26 09-51-09 Manage Invoice payment | Online School software, school ERP |Demo School.png 33.92 KB

Admin User Group Created - The users created in this page will have complete admin rights.
My Profile Update - The email / password update from the profile page will be triggered email to that user's email id. 
Attendance Settings - Now the institution can choose the type of attendance (Once a day, Morning & Evening, Or Period wise). This can be set on General Settings, and the attendance can be marked accordingly.
Manage Fee page updated with few changes on fields
Invoice Page updated to create individual invoices easily
User Interface Changes in Settings Group on System and Institution Menu Group items.
Few Menu Items renamed for better understanding.
Login Page updated to show the institution logo (if uploaded before)
Header of the application is updated to show the institution logo (if uploaded before)
Subject Category Added
Subject Map is included with Subject category
Subject Map modified to include subject wise credits
Student Promotion - modal windows added
Teacher dashboard updated